The hometown missionary movement.

The call of a missionary does not belong to a select few; mission trips don't just happen on a foreign field. When you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, the Great Commission of Mark 16 became your calling. The world around you became your mission field.

OUR MISSION: To INSPIRE and EMPOWER every believer to be a hometown missionary.

Why Win3?

Because if every Christian wins three, then the world will be won, and we will have fulfilled the Great Commission!

Our Mission:

To inspire and empower every believer to do their part in answering the call of Mark 16:16 and Acts 1:8 by becoming a hometown missionary and winning 3.

Acts 1:8 applies to us just as much as the Apostles: our first responsibility is our hometown (which, for the Disciples, was Jerusalem); second, our state and country (Judah and Samaria); finally, the ends of the world. This is our calling: to be a missionary to the lost and dying around us, for if not us, who will reach them?
The question, then, is not, What are we waiting for? but, Who's waiting for us?

This is our mission field.